Queen of Murder
A novel
written and illustrated by
Neal Enrick
From his book series
Sundered Muse
Mayhem and Mystery
With a Mediæval Twist

A talented troupe of street performers ply the towns and kingdoms of an alternate Middle Ages, secretly fighting the Red King who, with his disarmingly handsome son, the Red Prince, are plotting world conquest. The troupe's showmaster is one of The Thirteen, a band of mentalist leaders charged with subduing the Red Monarchy and fulfilling a centuries-old prophecy of a worldwide golden age.

Key to that achievement is finding six hidden women, daughters of the Red Prince, each unknowing their true parentage and kinship. They, when found and brought together, are foretold to manifest a heretofore unknown power to bring about the downfall of their grandfather, the Red King.

If The Thirteen succeed in uniting the six half-sisters, will their power be focused or uncontrollable? And is the Red Prince secretly plotting to use it for his own ends? Unbeknownst to all is a second secret organization, a rival to The Thirteen, whose machinations are both cunning and visceral. Neither group knows the Red King has a secret weapon he is about to unleash on the world. Will it make him unstoppable?

Amid this tumult, a beautiful but diabolical princess in a kingdom threatened by the Red King, plots her own rise to world domination. She will collude, cajole, seduce and kill on her quest to become the world's monarch, a Queen of Murder.

"An intriguing mix of adventure and romance, the latter sometimes deadly."
"A cross between The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones."
"Compelling tale of palace intrigue, love and mysticism in a bygone age that feels modern."

· · ·

Neal Enrick is the author and coauthor of articles published in several journals, and now applies his talents to a book-length work with Queen of Murder, a novel. A student of sociology, group dynamics, history, and art, Neal Enrick reads biographies, philosophy, art history and general fiction. He augments these intellectual pursuits with world travel to 49 countries, with special focus on Europe, whose Middle Ages is the setting for this novel. Queen of Murder's story and narrative are genuine, convincing and authoritative, yet approachable and colloquial, even when evoking bygone times in faraway lands with exotic people.   —from the publisher

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